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Matt Savinar's Peak Oil Radio Interview

If you want to understand the problem of peak oil, one of the most convincing pieces of media that I have come across is Matt Savinar's first interview on the American radio program "Feet to the Fire".

The stream you want says "May 2nd 2004" at the left of the page. Click on either "Stream 1" or "Stream 2", it doesn't matter. The interview is the third segment in the stream, it begins at 1 hour, 09 minutes, and about 50 seconds from the start of the stream. It plays for about 40 minutes, plus an extra 20 minute "bonus" segment that was not part of the original radio broadcast.

Click here to link to the intervew as a streaming audio broadcast.

This interview is rather confronting.

Matt's second interview on Feet to the Fire is available here. His website is — this is an excellent site, describing the coming oil crisis in a clear, easy to understand way. It is also rather confronting, though.

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