White-browed Scrubwren - Sericornis frontalis

White-browed Scrubwren

Sericornis frontalis

Other Names: White Browed Scrub Wren
Family: Pardalotidae (Pardalotes, Bristlebirds, Scrubwrens, Thornbills and allies, 30 species in Australia)
Size: 11-14 cm
Distribution: Within about 100-300 km of the coasts of NSW, VIC, SA, Southern WA and QLD, all of TAS
Status: Common
Habitat: Dense undergrowth all altitudes, saltmarshes, heaths, urban
References: Simpson and Day, Reader's Digest

The White-browed Scrubwren is almost always found on the ground. It can be quite friendly and not concerned about coming close to people, although I haven't managed to take a clear photograph of one yet.

The white marks under and above the eye (which is yellow) help to identify it.

White-browed Scrubwren - Sericornis frontalis
Photo: Glenbrook NP, Blue Mountains NSW.

White-browed Scrubwren - Sericornis frontalis
Photo: Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens, Blue Mountains NSW.

White-browed Scrubwren - Sericornis frontalis
Photo: Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains NSW.

Some Birdwatching Resources

The Complete Guide to Australian Birds, by George Adams - White-browed Scrubwren - Sericornis frontalis NEW: The Complete Guide to Australian Birds, by George Adams.

This is another of the newer ones (published in November 2018) that I bought recently (June 2020). It's got photographs rather than drawn pictures of the birds. They're really good quality photos. 10 or more years ago, the Australian bird field guides with photographs definitely weren't in the same class as the ones with hand-drawn pictures, but that seems to have changed. Now I think it's more a matter of personal preference. I imagine that the massive increases in availability of long-zoom-distance digital photographic equipment has made it much easier for there to be better quality photos of birds.

This book has colured strips down the outside of each page so you can find the different types of birds easily, which I really like.

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White-browed Scrubwren - Sericornis frontalis

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