Lomandra longifolia - Mat Rush

Lomandra longifolia

Mat Rush

Other names: Long-leaf Mat-Rush
Family: Lomandraceae or Xanthorrhoeaceae
Habitat: Very common in a wide range of habitats
Uses: Edible starch in the leaf bases, raw or cooked. Edible flowers. Leaves used for fibre
Season: All year
References: Low, Robinson

A large, tufted harb with tough strap-like leaves usually about 50cm long. The flowers were eaten by Aboriginies, with a taste like fresh green peas. The white leaf bases can be chewed to release starch. The strong, fibrous leaves were used to make net bags. This is a very common plant in Sydney and the Blue Mountains. It is native, and commonly found in the bush, and also widely used as a cultivated plant in both private and commercial gardens.

Lomandra longifolia - Mat Rush
Photo: Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains NSW

Lomandra longifolia - Mat Rush
Photo: Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains NSW

I made the drawing below as part of the Kamana Naturalist Training Program. It is not meant to be artistic or even particuluarly technically correct. The main purpose of drawing in the course is that it is a great aid to learning the identifying details of what you are drawing.

Lomandra longifolia - Mat Rush - Kamana
Photo: Kamana Naturalist Training Program. High Resolution (2402 x 1276)

Long-leaved Mat Rush (Lomandra longifolia) Leaf Close-up of the mat-rush leaf.

Long-leaved Mat Rush (Lomandra longifolia) - Leaves Leaves, close up.

Lomandra longifolia Leaf Close-up Vein structure in the leaf is visible.

Lomandra longifolia Leaf Close-up from Kamana Drawing of the end of the leaf from Kamana. The colours are not quite exact but that was the closest I could find in my pencil set.

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Lomandra longifolia - Mat Rush

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