Stypandra glauca - Nodding Blue Lily

Insect Galls

Other names:
Uses: Edible grub and/or sugars inside
References: Isaacs, Low

Galls are the result of insect activity, so technically they are not a plant food, but an animal food. The insect larvae (young) develop inside the gall, and they leave when they reach adulthood. Many insect galls were eaten by Australian Aboriginies.

Some galls, such as the one illustrated below, grew on various Eucalyptus species (gum trees). Eucalypts are the most common tree in Australia, though they provide little in the way of bush food. The animals harboured by the trees, including lerps, galls, witchetty grubs, beehives, possums and koalas, were usually more important than the trees themselves.

Photo: Lawson, Blue Mountains NSW

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Stypandra glauca - Nodding Blue Lily

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