Briza maxima - Blowfly Grass

Briza maxima

Blowfly Grass

Other names: Quaking Grass
Introduced From: Mediterranean region
Family: Poaceae
Habitat: Lawns, roadsides, wastland, pasture and cultivated land
Uses: Seeds edible, Leaves semi-edible
References: Low (Weeds), Richardson and Shepherd

Slender annual grass, grows to 60cm high.

The grass family, Poaceae, contains about 650 genera (with 250 in Australia) and 9500 species worldwide. Most grass seeds (any species of grass that has seeds that are not black or too dark in colour) are edible, and can be made into flour by hulling and grinding. Grass seeds of some species are dark in colour and contain a poisonous fungus that can be fatally poisonous if large quantities are consumed.

Grass leaves are also edible, though contain large quantities of cellulose (fibre) which is not digestible. It won't hurt you, though. If you were hungry enough, a lot of nutrition can be obtained from grass by chewing up the blades, sucking out the juices and then spitting out the pulp.

Briza maxima - Blowfly Grass
Photo: Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains NSW

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Briza maxima - Blowfly Grass

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