Arithmetic, Population and Energy - Video by Al Bartlett on YouTube

Arithmetic, Population and Energy

A Video Talk by Professor Emeritus Al Bartlett

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This is one of the best videos (perhaps the best) I have ever seen that explains without doubt why there will be a major change in our world situation within the next decade or so (and possibly sooner).

Al Bartlett is a Professor of Physics. In this video he uses mathematics to explain why things are about to change. He also has a lot to say about growth (for example, economic growth) and how this is intimately related to the problem that the modern world is facing.

Don't be too frightened by the title, especially the word "arithmetic". While there is a bit of maths in it, you don't need to understand the maths to understand the video. He is speaking to a group of university students, and he refers to the maths as "very simple maths" — in fact it is middle-senior high school level maths, which is very simple compared to uni level maths. Don't be put off if you don't follow every bit of all of the maths. If you do understand the maths you will get the added bonus of finding the video even more convincing.

The real beauty of this particular video is that you can't argue with the mathematics. If you either understand the maths behind what he is saying, or trust him enough to take what he says as fact, then the message of the video is as convincing as saying 1+1=2, or 2+2=4. That is, it's pretty difficult to argue against it.

The Video

The original video presentation was made in 2 halves of about 40 minutes each. Here it is shown as 8 YouTube video segments of about 10 minutes each.

Arithmetic, Population and Energy on DVD

You can get "Arithmetic, Population and Energy" on DVD from Al Bartlett's website. The DVD version has much better video quality than the YouTube version. When I added this link to it the price was US$12 plus postage.

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